The $210M Chicken Lawsuit

///The $210M Chicken Lawsuit

The $210M Chicken Lawsuit

CBC recently did a series of tests across a few fast food chains and found that the Subway chicken sandwich consisted of only 50% chicken, and the rest was fillers. CBC says that the tests were administered by independent and credible experts.

Subway announced that they are planning to sue CBC for their defamatory and false statements. The total price tag of the lawsuit?  $210M! Quite likely CBC will not end up paying anywhere close to that, but they will need to defend themselves in court. That is where a good insurance policy will come in handy.

The typical General Liability policy would respond in such a situation. A very important component of the policy is legal defence costs. A business trying to defend themselves could rack up very high legal bills. You want an insurance policy that would cover such costs so you can put on a proper defence.

Two specific features are important when looking at the defence cost coverage:

  • First, you want defence costs “outside the limit” so that your legal bills do not reduce your liability limit.
  • Second, you want the policy to pay the bills to come due, not just once the case is settled.

The moral of this story: you need to get insured! If you are unsure about what you need, reach out to us—we’re happy to help you find the appropriate insurance coverage or answer any questions you have.

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