Every small business owner has tasks they dread doing. Often these are important, but tedious and time consuming tasks. To help the small business owner maintain his/her sanity, we compiled a list of the top pain points as well as the most popular apps to address these pain points.

1. Managing your calendar

Tired of scheduling meetings? Spend too much time over email coordinating across many people? Calendly can help streamline the process. If you are looking for something even more advanced, check out, which is a AI-powered virtual assistant.

2. Transferring business cards into your address book

How much time do you spend capturing the data off of business cards after a conference? CamCard can take care of that in a snap! Just take pictures of your business cards and let the app enter them into your address book.

3. Keeping track of receipts

Nobody enjoys stuffing receipts into their pockets, and then having to straighten them into stacks on the weekend. Enter Sensibill. Simply take a picture of the receipt and it gets attached to your bank statement for easy reconciliation.

4. Carrying lots of plastic loyalty cards

As a small business owner you spend a lot of money at different vendors. It is only natural you want to take advantage of all the loyalty points. However, it is not practical to carry 10 different cards for the odd chance that you may pop by the store. Give Stocard a try. You can store all your loyalty cards on your phone and never have to carry plastic again!

5. Remembering dozens of passwords

With so many websites and apps, password fatigue is inevitable. So either you write the passwords down (security risk), use the same password everywhere (also a security risk) or have amazing memory to keep track of all the passwords. If you fall into the first two categories, give Lastpass a try. If you are in the third category, more power to you!

6. Keeping track of all your customers

Do you use a spreadsheet to track the status of your customers? Do you sometimes forget to get back to a customer because you lost track of him/her? Give Hubspot a try. They have a clean interface and is very easy to set up.

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