6 Ways to See Whether You Have Outgrown Your Insurance Policy

//6 Ways to See Whether You Have Outgrown Your Insurance Policy

6 Ways to See Whether You Have Outgrown Your Insurance Policy

Most business owners purchase their insurance in the early days and then just renew each year. As your business grows and adapts to the business world, change is inevitable. To avoid an instance where you outgrow your insurance coverage, you have to regularly update your policy.

The 6 tests below will help determine whether your policy may be outdated. Discuss these with your insurance provider to ensure you are fully covered.

1. Significant growth/decline in revenue

Meaningful changes in revenue often mean you need to change your coverage levels. For example, if you double your revenue, you might want to increase your Liability limit from $1M to $2M

2. Starting international sales

Many policies need you to explicitly declare to which countries you are selling. So if you just started expanding internationally, be sure to update your policy

3. Change in the products or services you offer

Your insurance policy is based partly on the business you are in. If that changes (i.e., you introduce a new line of business), you need to update your policy to reflect the new reality.

4. Hiring or releasing employees

As your mix of employees, contractors and outsourced work changes, your insurance needs change as well.

5. Getting new or more office space

Your Commercial Property insurance is tied specifically to your office. So if you move, or add new offices, your policy should be updated.

6. Buying new equipment

Contents insurance has a specific limit of equipment you are covered for (e.g., $30,000). If your business has grown, chances are you have added more equipment, and thus should update your limits.

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