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Be Bold For Change

Today is International Women’s Day and so today we focus on women in small business. Let’s take a look at the facts.

In 2016 Statistics Canada reported* that 35.4% of small businesses were equally or majority owned by women; 15.6% of which was majority female. These numbers have remained relatively flat since the 2013 report by Statscan. Although the numbers have been flat for small business ownership the participation of women in the business world is on the rise and has shown tremendous benefits.

Society has made good progress, but we still have much to do. Women’s participation is critical to our future and unequal treatment of women is holding all of us back. A McKinsey report in 2015 found that advancing equality for women would add $12 trillion to global GDP. There is also plenty of research that shows across the board women’s participation leads to better outcomes in many fields.

In Canada we are fortunate to have a progressive Prime Minister who knows it is “2016” and it matters to have equality. We are also glad that there are numerous organizations and programs tailored to women entrepreneurs.  The Canadian Business Network is a great resource for funding opportunities for women entrepreneurs so head on over to their site. If you want to support women entrepreneurs around the world who could really benefit from a small loan head over to and support a woman’s business.

At Zensurance our goal is to serve the small and medium sized businesses of Canada to manage their risks so that the entrepreneurs focus on running their businesses. We hope to work with more women entrepreneurs and help support the growth of their businesses.

Finally, let’s end with this question for all of us “How will you BeBoldForChange?”


Stats Canada Source:
*Althought it was part of a June 2016 report the survey was completed in 2014.

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