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Does my contractor’s insurance cover me in case his/her work is of poor quality?


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If you are doing any meaningful renovation at home, you will likely seek professional help for the major tasks. For instance, an electrician for wiring or a plumber for piping. Most people will insist on their contractors being licensed and carrying contractor’s insurance, however you are still not fully covered. Most insurance policies will not cover the quality of the work performed. For that, you may need to rely on your contract to specify payment conditional on satisfactory work.

Many professionals with carry contractor’s insurance. This coverage is to help pay for bodily injury or property damage that is a result of the contractor’s work. For example, a fire starting because of faulty wiring or someone slipping on a loose tile. However, the General Liability policy does not cover poor quality work. Your likely recourse for bad workmanship is to sue the contractor for breach of contract.

To be safe, ask your contractor for references or read reviews from online sources such as Jiffy On Demand, TradePros or Homestars. Such platforms make it extremely easy to see go through dozens of prior reviews and judge for yourself whether the contractor is right for you. Also, if you have a good experience with the contractor, be sure to leave a good review!

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