3 Different Ways DiVRge is Protecting Their Business

//3 Different Ways DiVRge is Protecting Their Business

VR (virtual reality) game rooms and arcades are becoming popular for people of all ages. While having fun is the name of the game, uncovering even the most unexpected of disasters is important. Learn the 3 different ways DiVRge is being proactive in protecting their business.

DiVRge knows that owning business insurance is a no-brainer. They wanted to make sure that they are protected from any unforeseen liabilities. Being a new business, they did what most businesses do when it comes to insurance—they searched with the intent of finding a cheap policy. So, they did some online shopping to compare insurance quotes from a variety of carriers. To their surprise, what they realized was that their biggest frustration wasn’t pricing at all—what they needed was to understand commercial insurance and what would be applicable to their unique business. They knew their businesses and just needed to get the appropriate coverage, minus the bells and whistles.

Customers trying out the virtual reality (VR) playground at DiVRge in Toronto

Customers trying out the virtual reality (VR) at DiVRge in Toronto

The folks over at DiVRge approached us to get a better understanding of the type of business insurance coverages they might require to ensure they are protected while focusing on the core of their business—bringing a mindblowing virtual reality experience to each and every one of their customers.

Taking Initiative to Keep The VR Playground as Safe as Possible with 3 Types of Protection

General liability

The landlord of the space that DiVRge works out of had a list of requirements that needed to be met—owning general liability was an item on that list. General liability is the foundational coverage that any business should own. In the event that a lawsuit would be brought to DiVRge, general liability insurance could cover both the legal fees associated with defending their business and the final compensation if found responsible.

Business interruption

DiVRge opted for this because of experience with the unpredicted weather Toronto brings. Business interruption coverage could cover the loss of income, actual loss related to any damage to the property, a period of restoration, contingent business insurance or any additional unforeseen expenses (e.g. wages for staff during restoration, electricity, internet etc.).

Sprinkler/Fire damage

In the event where a fire takes place or an alarm is accidentally pulled, sprinkler and fire damage insurance can cover any damage or fees related to restoring any damaged equipment. DiVRge runs their business purely on providing virtual reality experiences to their customers, so keeping their equipment safe and intact from water damage is critical.

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DiVRge VR virtual reality playgroom game room toronto

Filming the instruction portion of the DiVRge introduction video

Additional Ways DiVRge Shows That Safety Is A Priority 

  • DiVRge provides comprehensive training to all staff to deal with the potential side effects of prolonged virtual reality (VR) exposure, such as vertigo, fainting, locomotion sickness and lightheadedness. Taking these precautions ensures that guests can feel assured that they are safe while having fun because safety plays a big part in the DiVRge experience.
  • Wipe dispensers are available at each station because of the nature of the contact customers have with headsets. The headsets that are used (HTC Vive VR system) are very expensive and it would be costly to repair or worse, replace if damaged. The wipe dispensers are also used to wipe down every controller and headphones after every single use while lens cleaners are used to sanitize the interior of all VR masks.
  • A standard closing procedure that is enforced in the entire space means that washrooms, floors, mats and common areas are mopped down after every business day.
  • Wire management is one of the challenges that DiVRge faces. Ensuring that cables or wiring isn’t exposed is essential to the safety of both customers and the premises. To tackle this, all staff are expected to be cognizant of this, take any pre-emptive steps to resolve the tangles or notify management right away. As an example, anyone who isn’t used to VR may accidentally stumble outside of their station, placing themselves in a position where they could fall and injure themselves.
  • In addition, DiVRge acknowledges that VR is something that not everyone can handle, especially smaller children and infants. All staff are required to carefully keep an eye out when there are younger customers and make sure they are competent enough to enjoy most out of their DiVRge VR experience.
  • All staff are expected to take their breaks and discouraged from working long shifts to ensure they are alert and can help customers.


Being Protected Means DiVRge Can Focus On Their Core Business 

Being proactive and taking the necessary steps to protect any unforeseen liabilities means that the DiVRge team can focus on their core business first and foremost. Above the fact that having a general liability insurance policy is a requirement for their business, the additional protection is seen as an investment rather than an expense. The costs associated with any lawsuits, damages or injuries could account for far more than the insurance premiums for the coverage. Most importantly, it gives the team a peace of mind.

About DiVRge VR

DiVRge VR is a premium virtual reality arcade stocked with the latest hardware and software and offers access to virtual reality in an accessible and social setting at an affordable price point. Our mission is to expose people to the magic that is Virtual Reality with our top of the line hardware in a clean and family-friendly environment.

Try over 30+ Multiplayer Virtual Reality Experiences for one low price. With 18 stations and a party room, VR is great for corporate and birthday parties! Visit DiVRge.ca for more information.

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