5 Energy Efficiency Tips For Home Owners

//5 Energy Efficiency Tips For Home Owners

Small changes in your energy consumption pattern can lead to profound improvement in your energy efficiency, and thus cost savings. Although you could invest in products such as Nest to drive savings, there are simple steps you can take drive down your energy bill. Below are a few tips to improve the energy efficiency in your living space.

1. Consciously set a reasonable internal temperature

Did you know each additional degree on the thermostat can spike up your energy bill by at least 2-4%?

Tip: Installing smart thermostats can help in cost savings of up to 20%. The market offers various energy efficient thermostat brands such as the Nest, Lyric and Ecobee. Cozy up thermostats that suit your wallet.


2. Identify the source of leaks.

Feel that the a/c is not cooling the room despite having the thermostat at 65? The solution may not necessarily be in reducing the thermostat.

Tip: Check for any openings, cracks or leaks around the house that may cause the cool air to spill out or warm air to seep in.


3. Learn to unplug

Most of us are guilty of having devices on standby mode, not realizing that these can drain energy even when not being used.

Tip: Remember to unplug your phone chargers and coffee makes when you step out of the house or when these are not actively in use. Install smart power strips that cut off power when appliances are not being used.

4. Clean the filters

Dirty filters in your heater, AC, clothes dryer or any other appliance reduces the efficiency. You may also find that the quality of the output of the appliance suffers.

Tip: Routinely clean all the filters in your appliances.


5. Schedule an energy audit

Unaware of what’s causing a spike in your energy bill?

Tip: schedule an Energy audits. This will track energy consumption patterns in your living space and identify methods to efficiently use energy that can result in cost savings.



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