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The top startups disrupting the home cleaning industry

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The home cleaning industry has traditionally been driven by word-of-mouth. People typically rely on a recommendation to find a reliable cleaner, and then coordinate a time via email, text or phone. The day you find out that your long-time cleaner is moving away, you have to frantically scour your network to find someone else!. Of course you want someone that is meticulous about their cleaning, has time to clean your place, is trustworthy and is affordable. Not an easy task.

Many startups have popped up trying to help this process. They connect individuals looking to find a home cleaner with others looking to clean homes. Many allow user ratings and online booking, and some also do background checks, validate insure and provide training to the cleaners. These startups make the entire process a breeze!

We compiled a list of the most popular startups in the space. They are all movers-and-shakers in the space, and are worth checking out. Based on the learnings from all of these startups and many traditional cleaning businesses, we compiled a set of things you should check before hiring your home cleaner.

  1. User ratings. Most platforms allow people to leave comments and ratings. Learn from others’ experience.
  2. Insurance. Accidents happen. Your precious vases or paintings could get damaged, or even a fire started by a knocked over candle. Make sure your cleaner is insured, it is the best way to protect your belongings.
  3. Duration. You are always buying a fixed duration (e.g., 3 hours), not a guarantee that your entire home will be cleaned. Double check the duration and make sure you are comfortable with that.
  4. Extra services. Some platforms allow you to pay extra for specific tasks, such as cleaning the stove or the inside of the fridge.

Some of the companies we cited do more than just home cleaning, while others only service a specific part of Canada. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Companies referenced: HurraHomeJiffyMopifyAskForTaskKleanr, iRestifyMaidstrScrubbiBnbreezePyngle

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home cleaning: factors to remember

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