How-To Fill Slow Periods in Your Fitness Business (5 Tips)

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With holidays and family get-togethers, it’s hard to keep clients using your services year round. Sometimes things get busy and clients fall off. Whether you’re a personal fitness trainer, chiropractor, dietician or anything in between, trying to fill those slow periods on the calendar challenges all types of professionals. Lucky for you we’ve compiled 5 creative ways you can fill your downtime, while also growing your business at the same time.

1. Create an online program

With all its unpredictability, life has a way of limiting many client’s abilities to be consistent. From work commitments to taking care of children, the reasons will vary. A great way to keep up with clients that have moved on – and fill slow periods on your calendar – is to
create an online program you can sell. Personal trainers can create a workout program to send to busier clients, with workouts they can do on their own at home or the gym. Dieticians can sell meal plans, to keep clients on track with more independence. Whatever service you provide, try to find a way to sell your knowledge to clients that can be used on their own at home. During slow periods you can also focus on creating and developing your online presence through social media platforms and perfecting your website.

2. Offer specials or discounts

Since the holidays can often be a slow period for service professionals, try offering holiday specials. Give the gift of fitness & health by offering gift certificates to your clients to be redeemed by their friends and family. You can also offer discounts to your clients. For example, personal trainers can offer a 25 percent discount for a package of 10, or a free session with a purchase of 10 sessions. If you’re a chiropractor, massage therapist or physiotherapist, you can offer a free visit, with purchase of 6 visits, for example, or offer a discount with a bulk purchase of appointments.

3. Write blog posts

During slow stretches, you can take advantage of the extra time you have by writing as many blog posts as possible. Blog posts are a great way to build your website’s SEO; thus, ensuring that your site shows up higher and more frequently in Google searches. The more
topics you write on, the more often you will appear in Google (or other search engines) search results. In addition, you can use your blog as a way to organize all of your research and share health tips. Each article you write has value; they will benefit those who know
less than you and wish to learn what you know. This is also a great way to attract new clients. Blog posts will convey the depth of your knowledge to website visitors who previously didn’t know much about you and prove your credibility. In the end, writing your blog posts are not only a productive use of downtime, but will help you grow your business in multiple ways.

4. Offer 30-minute sessions

Depending on the services you provide, sessions may be around 30 to 60 minutes with your clients or groups. This allows you enough time to work towards what your client is hiring you for, on that day. For the client, the more time they have each session to work towards their goals, the better results they will see. However, during holidays and other slow periods, you should consider implementing 30 minute-or-less sessions for your clients, depending on the services you provide. It isn’t uncommon for clients to cancel or take a “break” during the holidays because things have gotten busy and they have other commitments. Before they do, offer a 30 minute-or-less session that will keep them accountable to their goals, while also allowing more time for their festivities. Also, as the year comes to an end, clients may have insurance benefits left that need to be used up before year-end. It’s a good idea to remind them to book those appointments before things get busy, so they can make use of their benefits and you get that extra business!

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