6 Tips To Making Moving Homes Easier

//6 Tips To Making Moving Homes Easier

The excitement of moving into a new home can be overwhelmed by the packing and moving process. A lot needs to be done before you can finally put up your feet and enjoy the warmth of your new home. It can really pay to think and plan ahead during the moving process. Here are a few tips to help stay organized during the moving process. You could also consider getting help in the moving process by someone like MoveSnap.

1. Gather Supplies

Sort through things to get an idea of how much how you want to approach the packing process and anticipate the amount of packaging material you will need. Have ample supplies of boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap and paper, packing peanuts and tape


2. Think about unpacking before you start packing.

Don’t just grab what comes your way and throw it in a box. Approach the packing process in a systematic manner: have dedicated boxes for each room. Make sure you label them correctly. The last thing you want to do as you unpack is to sift through boxes only to find the toiletries sitting in a box labelled as “living room”.

3. Give yourself time

Whether it’s a proposal submission or packing to move, its never a good idea to leave anything last minute. Identify all the items that are not essential for day to day functioning and start transferring them into boxes. Set these aside so they don’t get in the way. Give yourself enough time to properly wrap the crystal, china and all other fragile items in bubble wrap before transferring them into boxes.

4. Get proper insurance coverage

The stress of moving can be aggravated if you are constantly imaging the worst-case scenario. Whether you are moving cities, countries or even down the road, its always a good idea to attain proper insurance coverage. If you are managing the move yourself, identify if your auto insurance covers a rental truck. Moving companies also have insurance so if you hire one, make sure to understand specifics of their policy.  Based on your requirements, you can also add endorsement to your policy to protect certain pieces of valuable property. Proper insurance coverage will help you attain peace of mind, knowing that things will be taken take off in case something goes wrong. Talk to us at Zensurance for more information.

5. Declutter

If you haven’t worn a pair of jeans in 3 years, chances are you will never use it again. Moving is a good time get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Packing can be made a lot easier if you can identify items that are no longer in use or required. This also means you will have less stuff to unpack and more space in your new home.

6. Reserve the elevator

Chances are that you may have to make multiple trips to and from the loading dock before you have transferred all the boxes and furniture into your new condo. Quicken the process by having the concierge in your new condo building reserve an elevator for your use on the moving in day.

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